Nature Driven

->> Focussing on the connection to the land and our ‘natural way’ of being human

“Nature gives us a reality check, whatever we see around us happens inside of us, and if we want to learn how to become stable human-beings, we need to understand first that nature is where we are from, belong in, and relate towards during our entire lives.” 

Indigenous Inspired

->> Inviting community, and collective action to stimulate participation and group initiative

“ Indigenous cultures of all times and places have studied the ways of nature to define cyclic, rhythmic lifestyles that harmonise the behaviour of people, with that of the planet, we need to look at these cultures and understand their ways can teach us a lot about how to live well”. 


->> Stimulating experiential learning, using adventure as a tool to develop new skills

“Adventure’ or experience, is what creates a breach in our daily comings and goings, the moments we take a step beyond the usual, is when we open a window for change, we are provided a new point of departure a turning point, where we can decide to go a different way.”

Autonomy Oriented

->> Promoting freedom, liberation or originality, empowering people to move in new directions

“The entire story of humanity is about survival, about learning how to stay alive in the world, and move through existence as a species. Much of modern life is about the opposite; safety and comfort. Not only does this hijack our evolutionary capacities, it also limits our room for growth”.